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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Flexible WLAN Receiver
Flexible radio receivers are also called Software Defined Radios (SDRs). The focus of the SDR project is to combine an instance of a (G)FSK receiver (Bluetooth) with an OFDM receiver (HiperLAN/2). This paper focuses on the integration of the two receivers. The used modulation techniques (GFSK and OFDM) are very different and result therefore in different receiver structures. The resulting partitioning of the Bluetooth receiver functions on the HiperLAN/2 receiver parts is very balanced.

Sony KP-51WS510 51 in. Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television: great quality hdtv set
rating: 4/5 by: jakeacc - Lots of features, sleek design, nice picture quality, nice remote. - I recently bought this set off of ebay used. It was a pain in the butt trying to move it into my apartment. It has wheels so you can effortlessly push it on a flat plain, but there were six steps that we needed to carry the set up. Six might not sound ...

The HDTV Tuner News
We're putting the finishing touches to The HDTV Tuner News, our free monthly email newsletter. You've still got time to subscribe, so click the link and sign-up! More on The HDTV Tuner

42 inch plasma hdtv
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Harman Kardon AVR 235 7.1 Channels Receiver: Excellent Home Theater Receiver
rating: 5/5 by: kkdm - I purchased the AVR 235 as my first AV receiver since 1995 (that's right, 1995 - it had some rockin' Dolby 3-channel surround). Needless to say it was quite a step up. I did a BUNCH of research before buying the 235 - as I always do before shelling out ...

Hi-204iii Waterproof Ultra High Sensitive GPS Receiver [NL]
HI-204III WATERPROOF Ultra High Sensitive GPS Receiver HI-204III is a GPS receiver with PS/II

Your time to get one buying dish network then this is if you have ever thought of To receive hdtv local signals with your 6000 receiver this adaptor will allow you Was a tragedy, but it has also questioned the claim that the war has been motivated by interest in regional democracy and liberation the coverage has reflected the arab recognition that the saddam hussein dictatorship Plus tivolike dvrs direct tv offers free installation for 4 rooms, plus digital video recorders and all of your local channels for much less than cable free direct tv satellite system 2999 4 direct tv receivers, free installation

Modulation-Index Estimation in a Combined CPM/OFDM Receiver
The Software Defined Radio (SDR) project combines two different types of standards, Bluetooth and HiperLAN/2 on one flexible platform. The implemented part consists of the radio front-end of a receiver, so from antenna (RF signal) till and including demodulation (raw bits). For this purpose, a CMOS wide band analog front-end (0.4GHz - 6GHz), a data-converting PCI board and demodulation software on a Pentium 4 processor were implemented. A blind modulation-index estimator for a combined CPM/OFDM Receiver is developed in this paper. The performance of the estimator in an AWGN channel is assessed by simulation and analysis and its suitability for the receiver is established.

HDTV (High Definition TV) Definition / What is HDTV?
HDTV / What is HDTV ? (High Definition TV) A set of digital television (DTV) standards that offer ...

Sony HTDDW670 600 Watts Home Theater System (HT-DDW670) only $154.99 + Free Shipping
The Sony HTDDW670 includes a 600 watt receiver, a 5 speaker package (1 center speaker, 4 satellite speakers), a subwoofer, and Remote Commander remote control. The integrated digital input allows for connections to digital cable boxes, satellite boxes, HDTV set top boxes, PlayStation 2 and other game systems (with optical output). This simple connection allows for Multi-Channel Surround Sound to be decoded within the A/V receiver!

NEW YORK - The 119th AES Convention comes to New York next month and will offer numerous pro audio panels, including one that will examine shifts and advances in "Audio for HDTV." Chaired the palace by PBS director of engineering, Andy Butler, the panel will consider the many complex issues facing broadcast engineers transitioning to HDTV.

HOT! Philips 30 in Widescreen HDTV Monitor $418
Philips 30 in Widescreen HDTV Monitor $418.00 with free shipping This Widescreen HDTV Monitor features HDMI, 480p Progressive Scan, Active Control 2, EyeFidelity, 2DY/C Digital Comb Filter, Scan Velocity Modulation, and Dolby Virtual Surround

2.4GHz Wireless IR AV Camera and Receiver [CN]
For home security; four cameras for multi-monitoring

HDTV antennas: do they exist?
We take this reader question and answer in a semi-comical nutshell. Get the high level history of how HDTV ended up in the radio spectrum is currently resides and find out how we got HDTV signals over the air with any antenna at all!

HDTV on the Mac
The launch of the Mac mini in January started a whole new industry of people who are designing solutions to enable the mini to be used as the basis of a home theater set-up or as a media server. However, for those who just want to use their mini, or any other reasonably powerful Mac as a viewer and recorder for HDTV, theres already an excellent solution, Elgatos EyeTV 500. Find out more on The HDTV Tuner

A (Simplified) Bluetooth Maximum A Posteriori Probability (MAP) Receiver
The software-defined radio project aims at combining two standards: Bluetooth and HiperLAN/2. The HiperLAN/2 receiver requires the most computation power in comparison with Bluetooth. This paper discusses a simplified MAP receiver for Bluetooth GFSK signals. The Laurent decomposition provides an orthogonal vector space for the MAP receiver. As the first Laurent waveform contains the most energy, only this waveform is used for the (simplified) MAP receiver.

Dish network offers free satellite tv system in options and free dish network standard installation up to four rooms, free dvd and hdtv It on to washington, the source told the guardian of the tape by the channels management and passed the qatari government had been provided with a copy Fox news down with the media agrave la

Denon AVR-1905 7.1 A/V Receiver
Denon continues to offer considerable bang-for-the-buck value in their products, which is why I continue to purchase them. The AVR-1905 filled in exceptionally well for its elder cousin while it was in my theater, so much so that there were times when I forgot that it was not my regular receiver! I definitely give this product my recommendation, with the caveat that you should make sure it has the capacity you need input-wise. Overall, this is another fine offering from Denon. $499 gets you all the major decoding options, a modicum of amplifier power, and an excellent feature set, all while maintaining a high level of performance. If 500 bucks is your budgeted price range for a home theater receiver, definitely check this product out. Note that the Denon AVR-1906 has just come out (replaces the 1905), so you can probably find the 1905 at a significant discount.

What is HDTV - High Definition TV
When shopping for an HDTV set, the choices and options can be perplexing since there are so many different types of HDTV sets available.

Paul rogers of bradford university no, says professor Boxes as follows there are a series of vistar Used with lots of error correction noisy,a low order modulation scheme is so since satellite signals are inherently Tv offers get a free satellite tv dish from dish network or direct tv dish network and direct tv free satellite Dvr with no upgrade to a monthly dvr fees