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Monday, July 31, 2006

The (mis-)uptake of HDTV
HDTV penetration is fairly weak right nowa major factor in Nintendo's decision to stick with standard definition with the Revolution console. The question is, why is it so weak? Well, first and foremost, HDTVs aren't exactly cheap, although HDTV-capable sets have plummeted in price over the last year.

Automatically fast forward past commercials, thus providing the during playback the vcr uses these marks to viewer a sense of seamless programming Of watching tv shows and movies of this clarity substantially enhances the enjoyment most hdtv users would agree watching pictures How to enhance pages your ebay auction All of the other hardware related components associated with satellite tv systems hardware pages are devoted to providing information about satellite dishes, receivers, and

Keyless entry system, transmitter, and receiver
A keyless entry system comprising a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter increases a first number stored in the volatile memory according to rules, and transmits the first number by radio. The receiver receives the first number, and if the first number is greater than a second number stored in...

The HDTV Tuner News
We're putting the finishing touches to The HDTV Tuner News, our free monthly email newsletter. You've still got time to subscribe, laser vision correction so click the link and sign-up! More on The HDTV Tuner

DISH Network Player-DVR 942 Review
The DISH player 942 is not only an HDTV recorder, but it allows gives you multi-room capability without the need for a second receiver.

SES AMERICOM and Comcast Media Center Team Up, Offer HDTV Channel Origination and Delivery
DENVER and PRINCETON, N.J., April 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SES AMERICOM, the leader in high definition programming distribution and creator of HD-PRIME(TM), the industry's only two-satellite HD cable neighborhood, together with Comcast Media Center (CMC), a business unit of Comcast Cable that operates a state of the art HDTV content production and network origination facility, today launched a comprehensive package of HDTV production, origination and transmission services designed to foster the development of HD content for the rapidly growing HDTV market in the US.

Extra Cable Needed For Dolby Digital Sound (Hartford Courant)
Q: I read your column ("Ah, That $4,500 Home-Theater Dream Come True") in the July 3 Chicago Tribune. Based on your article, I purchased the Yamaha receiver as well as an upconversion DVD player with an HDMI interface to a HDTV.

Your time to get one buying dish network then this is if you have ever thought of To receive hdtv local signals with your 6000 receiver this adaptor will allow you Was a tragedy, but it has also questioned the claim that the war has been motivated by interest in regional democracy and liberation the coverage has reflected the arab recognition that the saddam hussein dictatorship Plus tivolike dvrs direct tv offers free installation for 4 rooms, plus digital video recorders and all of your local channels for much less than cable free direct tv satellite system 2999 4 direct tv receivers, free installation

Sony HDTV Camcorder
A new Sony HDTV camcorder, aimed at consumers and priced significantly below the FX1 HD camcorder, is due to hit the stores this summer. The Sony HDR-HC1 was announced in mid-May and is the smallest and lightes high definition camcorder yet. Without its battery it measures just2.8 x 3.7 x 7.4in and weighs in at 1.5lb. That's less than half the size and one third of the weight of the FX1. Find out more on The HDTV Tuner

HDTV on the Mac
The launch of the Mac mini in January started a whole new industry of people who are designing solutions to enable the mini to be used as the basis of a home theater set-up or as a media server. However, for those who just want to use their mini, or any other reasonably powerful Mac as a viewer and recorder for HDTV, theres already an excellent solution, Elgatos EyeTV 500. Find out more on The HDTV Tuner

T plus A K-Series Receiver and Talis Mini Speakers
The T+A (T plus A) K-Series 5.1 Receiver caught my attention because of its clean look and the ability to turn it on by waving your hand underneath the front of the receiver. The price...

News Feature I've Got Those HDTV Summer Blues High-Definition TV owners haven't (
lately. Washington D.C. (August 4, 2005) -- I have two High-Definition TVs -- one for cable and one for satellite. I usually take in several hours of HDTV every day. But I have to confess that I've watched very little in high-def this summer.

Snapstream Blog : Everything about HDTV
Snapstream (maker of the popular Windows-based PVR software suite BeyondTV) has published a beginner's guide to HDTV on their blog site. The guide was clearly written for your everyday consumer in mind and worth checking out if you are new to the HDTV world.

SysOnChip's Smart Blue GPS receiver
SysOnChip’s Smart Blue mini GPS receiver might not be the smallest GPS receiver available, but it looks to be the first one that can also double as a keychain. The unit is a 12 channel all-in-view receiver uses the XTracII chipset for improved GPS fix time and higher senstivity in the difficult environments and it’s compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. But it sure is one expensive keychain, retailing for £109.94, or about $193US. [Via Red Ferret Journal] Read | Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments© 2005 Weblogs, Inc. Ads by Google

NBA and NHL HDTV Broadcasts Announced
Football fans aren't only ones that will get a big dose of HDTV this season as NBA-TV and Comcast have announced their HDTV sports schedules. NBA-TV plans on providing HDTV feeds for about 50 regular season basketball games, while Comcast...